October 14, 2013

watching Shark Tank with doctor

what i thought about today:

getting married to someone like Prince William etc, and have millions of people follow the wedding on tv and the kiss on the balcony, could be stressful cos u must feel like "shit, we really cant screw this (marriage) up, it would be soooo embarrassing". although i dont think there is anything embarrassing about divorce or break up, royal or not, so i dont know where this comes from.

why is it ok to criticize the face/looks/style of someone perceived as a villain, but not others? i think this especially perplexes me when it comes from feminists who are typically loud to point out if such behavior directed at females. i was reading this story on Terry Richardson and not commenting on the content atm, i noticed a lot of comments in the lines of "well he looks like a creep & repulsive!" "who does he think he is with those nerdy glasses?!"...  somewhere out there someone probably looks similar to him, without being charged of or guilty of creepy and abusive behavior. if the press ran stories of a female child abuser (that was not not attractive by traditional measures), these same people would complain at how media and random internet users are making harsh comments of her looks, and how do her acts supposedly make her an acceptable target for such commentary.

translating an article about iconic kisses (the list includes some movie moments, of which any i dont remember although i saw some of the movies!) i was disappointed that The Kiss from Brokeback Mountain was not listed. wouldve loved to describe that one!!

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