January 04, 2014

a lot of tv to start the year. burb.

i finally decided to watch the first season of Under The Dome. i dunno why i had first passed it...  but now i decided to check it out and finished the season in 2 days. waiting for the 2nd one then. it had a little bit too much "supernatural" for my liking, and too many retarded teens... but generally i found it likeable and interesting. 

then, i read this blog about how "intercourse is always rape". the scary part is a lot of people seem to agree in the comments. like, literally, "piv" (p***s in v****a) is always rape. because men are colonizing women and...  i forgot the rest (although i read several posts from beginning to end!), but the writer seems angry. i feel only slightly bad because she writes somewhere in there that shed prefer her blog link not given to men. but im sorry, its the internet youre in. public internet, out of all places, so, seriously? the thing is, the idea that intercourse is unnatural and that women could get impregnated by other methods...ok, whatever. im a little worried.

however, after this blog i moved onto another, Eivind Berge's. he says "rape is equality". and while i was hoping to find some sense in there, some kind of a word play or something...this guy is pretty serious about it. he thinks it would be fair to rape women, because of feminists. its all their fault, u see. now, he makes me seriously worried. id like to write him and ask  how many women did he rape, just as an example, or otherwise, for fun maybe. but i doubt he'd tell me.

BAD NEWS: the spanish government is restricting abortion. shameful, archaic and fuck them.

i like to watch these: 
"whats in store for emerging markets in 2014?" credit suisse sponsored meeting in istanbul. i am happy that at least one of the participants is a women, the turkish, nevertheless!! :D
tonight i met Nilla and her friend Aleksandra, whom the accent exposed as a swede. we checked out the nearby bar Rock n' Rolla, they had changed decoration and were playing 90s metal and rock. later we met Umut and his friends at Ayi. i decided to turn back home soon enough, ive had enough drinks for the week (New Years...).

happiness, whats that again?
a boyfriend who always eats my food with a smile and thanks me for cooking, regardless of what i put on the table.

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