January 10, 2014


less than a week until Malta! i had almost forgotten about it...  i expect to eat good food (maybe pork...burb) and see some beautiful nature. not that i care too much for the latter, but why not...

Turkey blocked Vimeo now. its sad when news like this dont make me even blink an eye. Vimeo was used a lot by Gezi protestors to share videos of the events, i am not claiming that is the reason for the block as i dont know, but it may well be one of the causes. the gov is planning other limitations too, and NSA type of spying (on internet activity, searches...), they are just going to be bluntly open about it.

yesterday i finally found cheap, foreign instant noodles in the grocery store. i have seen import noodles before, BUT they were priced at a point where they would not be "student food"... not that students should eat noodles, or eat unhealthy shit to begin with, but i think thats what instant noodles are famous for, its easy and cheap when thats what you want. its funny if only middle class and up can buy the unhealthiest prepacked food around?

about a month ago i came across a cheap turkish brand that had started producing instant noodles. the packaging was bland, ok, but there were 3 options catering to the turkish tastes: cheese, tomato sauce and spicy tomato sauce. ewww. now, it may well be that they will succeed, "spicy tomato sauce" is super popular wherever u slap it. for the sake of fairness (and curiosity, u never know!) i tried the turkish noodles, and it was as bad as i expected. edible, yes, but wont eat again until i run out of everything else.

but so now i found these more less foreign noodles (made in saudi arabia) that were 1tl (0.35 e) per pack. and the selection included chicken, meat, veggie and something else. now thats what i call proper instant noodles. with all its unnatural spicing and horribly unhealthy oil... (not to mention whatever the noodles are made of!) i love it.

turkish instant noodles on the left, the new foreign type on the right. the turkish pack is only 8gr heavier despite being so much bigger.

the shops here dont usually have back entrances, so whatever deliveries come, must come through the front door. they need to reserve a space in front of the shop for that. chairs is a common way to do that. great example here in front of a furniture store.

i met this turkish girl recently, Atice. she is on this FB group for selling/buying 2nd hand stuff in istanbul, and i went to her place to buy a tshirt and a few other things the other day. turns out she knew me, had been a fan of my photos in the past. and then shed mentioned me to her bf, and turns out he knew me too. awkward but nt in a bad way at all. and they are lovely people. since then ive met Atice a couple times on the bar street, she is often there as her bf is DJing in some of the bars regularly.

this is in Karga the other night when i met Atice, love the fireplace, it really warms my freezing fingers : 

bought some new earrings... 


roland deschain of gilead said...


I buy kung fu ramen from carrefour and migros shops when i can

it comes in its own cup, just pour jhot water in it. so there is nothing to wash afetrwards.


jenni said...

but! how much are they? cos i have seen kung-fu ramen (or other brands, not sure?) in Migros too but they were like 4-5tl / pack. now, to find 1-2tl packets in Namli was something else :D

Carrefours are not accessible for me :(

jenni said...

i forgot to mention, this newcomer brand also offers noodles in a cup, thats 2tl. the simple pack i photographed for the blog is 1tl.

roland deschain of gilead said...

around 4 tl. that is right. it tastes well tough.