February 05, 2014

42...not so fast

buzzfeed article on 42 finnish traditional foods that you desperately need in your life :D to be honest im surprised that there are that many traditional finnish foods. i guess it makes sense, im just not a culinary person and therefor a very bad spokesperson for the country - whenever people ask about trad finnish foods, i go "ehh..." and say a few words about salmon and blood pancakes. maybe mention liver, and try to explain something about reindeer and lingonberry jam. looking at that list of 42 though, i can say there are several we can definitely all live without (pickled friend herring...sweetened potato casserole...eww). and ill admit the list includes some true favorites of mine that i had completely forgotten. i guess im off to the grocery store, we will have a Finnish Food Week at this residence., starting today!

but that leads me to another pet peeve, describing food is imho very difficult...i dont know how people do it. you could say for instance that finnish people eat stewed pork. but that could be anything? okay well maybe in the form of a sausage, but there are hundreds (thousands?) of different types of sausages, what does the word "sausage" really tell you, then? ive had bad sausages and good sausages. well at least we all know what a sausage looks like. a soup is a great example of vague. a soup could be mushy or clear with pieces in it...   even if i say that the finnish fish soup is clear, and there are pieces of fish, and veggies...  its impossible to imagine the taste. and i dont like when people ask "oh you went to thailand, did you eat xyz??" who could remember these things. actually it seems like a lot of people do remember. but i bet im not the only one who doesnt. i ate a lot of thai food, especially those involving noodles, but how could i remember the name of a foods i saw in a menu ONCE?

did a lot of website testing work today. found bugs. feeling accomplished.

now i should study some turkish, maybe watch a tv show and fry leftover spaghetti from yesterday. 

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