February 03, 2014

those in movies

im not usually moved over celebrity deaths but Philip Seymour Hoffmans death made me a bit sad...  i really liked him, or his acting i guess. my first association with his name is the character in Happiness though, not so much the recent films. which reminds me there are a few that are on my to watch list (Synecdoche, New York  and A Late Quartet. wouldnt hurt to watch Hunger Games either, i guess).

but re: movies. i saw Her, Frances Ha and Don Jon recently. among others.
Her was okay, although kinda slow. but visually pleasing. i like topics related to artificial intelligence and all that. i guess i wanted to see more deleopment, the ending was kind of, unsatisfactory.
Frances Ha was very...'Girls', but even more realistic. it depicted awkwardness and feelings of being an outsider quite well...  i liked it.
Don Jon was okay too, but not as good as the other 2. Don Jon was a bit too easy perhaps, i really liked Julianne Moores role in it and the overall story but then again i wouldve expected something more. the "solution" was too easy.

found a nice new artist, London Grammar (via Miss R). the song Strong (spotify link) is nice. 

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