February 02, 2014

the weather is brrr, can i stay home?

i think there must be a scientific reason for why when u are learning a new language, you mix it up with the others you know, but not nearly always with the strong/est one(s). i just dont know what it is. not necessarily grammatically, but like, im trying to make a turkish sentence and getting to the word "again" and i think "igen" (swedish). or i plan to say "maybe" and my mouth wants to let out "vielleicht" (german). surely i make poor grammatic choices too based on what i know from other languages, to me 'cz' and 'zs' just dont seem like very good combinations in the middle of a sentence so i am inclided to leave either letter out.

my entertainment right now is following a whatsapp convo of 2 of my friends (im in the convo cos it started as something else) who are both well in their 30s but have huge trust issues and therefor stick to physical relationships only. they are  deliberating their issues as many partners would like to get more serious and start a family, and thats when these guys and girls run! i just chime in the occasional comment. but the fact that these 2 are in such a similar situation reminded me of my very different situation. i might have some deeper underlying trust issues...  but starting a relationship was never a problem, in fact i always opted for safe and stable guy that i know i can trust. by safe and stable i dont mean boring, those are confused way too often...  but i was never one for "bad boys". kindness and friendliness are really attractive features for me, when attached to a funny, smart male.

now im working on this small website testing project for 2 weeks, starting yesterday. its always exiting for me...although it brings out the nitpicking side of me, even in personal life. but thats who i am. give me xyz and i will tell you whats wrong with it...

going to Taksim tonight to a birthday party thats in a bar. thats pretty typical, instead of house parties. and i dont know the person whose birthday it is either... but thats pretty typical too, a friend of his invited me. the weather outside is bloody cold so traveling to another continent right now is not on my top 3 but if i promise something...    im sure ill like it tho. its just that i was out last night too, someone invited me somewhere and the rest is history.

here is Tamer's shop, i think it was still open when i went in last night, but the "party" had already started. the paper cup belongs to me (and the wine in it), i still cant handle beer....:( im always "that" girl, with special drink needs. i bring my own bottle tho.  

on thursday me and doctor went to Büyükada island which is a 1 hour ferry ride away. its really not a holiday season so the island was pretty empty, and it was bloody cold there, Sea of Marmara winds whipped the face nastily...  doctor had 2 days off (definitely a reason to celebrate) so we just wanted to make a short getaway. somewhere close and preferrably not very expensive. so we booked a room in a nice hotel (Princess) over there, had a good dinner...  the whole set.

Pepe Pub, sweet cozy restaurant on Büyükada. 
 me and mr kitty who kept us company at Pepe Pub. 

random breakfast place. i went for a sandwhich and doctor had his favorite, eggs with sausages.

Princess hotel. its supposedly 5 stars but ehhh...  the restaurant was closed (probably cos its low season). the room was small but big enough to host a small chair perhaps... now we just piled our clothes into the wardrobe. the bedside lamp did not work, and the electrical outlets were on the opposite wall, far from anything. so our phones laid on the floor in the night while they were charging. small things, and certainly not important but if u advertize 5 stars, u should put out...


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