February 25, 2014

is planning overrated?

kitties in Hera. they are VIP customers. 

i was thinking about the Bachelor, the show. it reflects the culture so well. dating multiple people at the same time is more less common in the US, at least more so than in...europe, or finland. they have group dates and 1-on-1 dates, maybe 2 or 3 1-on-1 dates altogether. then the hometown visit (to meet the parents), and then theres one day and night that the remaining 3 can spend with the Bachelor/ette, each. of course no one forces them to have sex but i think the assumption is that an american has to test drive before deciding about marriage. which is the next step. and i fully agree with the test drive part, but so basically the normalized way of doing things is a few dates and then sex is acceptable and/or fair to expect.

some kebab's on sunday in Ciya. really tasty (but pricey too).

outside turks are protesting, and no wonder, the recently released tapes that blatantly proof Erdogans involvement in the corruption scandal gets ppl angry. but what can u do. no mainstream media even has guts to publish the tape, its all on youtubes and blogs...  its really sad where this country has come to.i wont claim there was ever full freedom of speech but it was a bit better 4 yrs ago when i arrived. also with the new internet law that allows government to log all internet traffic and block sites without court orders or further discussions... scary. but so its soon been 4 yrs that i came, at the end of next month. and a week ago this day i met doctor for the first time too. just wow, what am i doing here?? :D

Melisa recommended that I watch the documentary about Ayrton Senna. will do. right after the Sel8nne documentary...

oh im hosting a girls night tomorrow but i have not yet decided what to cook. eh, ill think about it then. its not like premeditation will make it any tastier.

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