February 24, 2014

out for dinner, now

the following is an interesting read, altho nothing new (for me), i agree fully that the stigma of being sex worker should be abolished.
"I'm The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I'm Telling The Story In My Words"

i think its time to start planning summer holiday. where and when. and we need to save for that too, if we intend to go...   new york, brazil and china came up in the initial discussion. lets see.

i think i will be following these series of articles "How I unintentionally ended up spending 15 years of my life in North Korea" - if only to hear one side of the story :)

just wondering if everyone bleaches their (plastic) cutting boards, every now and then. or is just me.

the new season of Amazing raze is a disappointment, its one of those "all star" seasons but the teams included are mostly "who?", like, not memorable, not interesting...  :( and i was so waiting for this! well, new seasons of Ink Master and Portlandia are starting later this week too...

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