February 09, 2014


tomorrow i have plenty of work to be done and a turkish class, im busy but i think right now that makes me happy.

a small bookstore in kadiköy. and their resident book kitty (apparently).

i wonder how the shop owner is supposed to get in/out of his shop?

Carilyn's fried chicken night on friday. good times. tasty chicken. turks and foreigners alike had a good time.

ran into this blockade last night, trying to go to the book store located on the main street. before i knew what was happening i was coughing and my eyes were watery. fuckin gaz :( i ran off, no book shopping for me then.  

last night in Besiktas bar area (after i got away from Taksim with Kübra). i met Kübra and Fethi after a long  break and we went out for drinks. then more of Fethi's friends joined and soon we were a full table. i stayed out a bit later than i had anticipated, 2:30 or so, but it was obviously fun so i couldnt leave earlier.

i just read that Eva Mendes does not want children, because she is too selfish to be a mom. thats rare talk from a celebrity. then again i dont read a lot of celebrity stuff, perhaps it isnt. but i have a gut feeling its not so common in the states (where, lets be honest, most really big celebrities are from). but its pretty mch how i feel too, about motherhood - not possible because i come first.

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