February 16, 2014

uncertainty in the air lately

House of Cards is back. woohoo. im nervous at the same time. can it excite me the same way as it did in the first season?

we bought a new "shoe shelf" and changed around the shoe storage a bit with it. there are other shelves too but this one will help a bit. its 2nd hand from a FB group were (mostly) foreigners buy/sell stuff, in Istanbul. at the same time i donated some of our old clothes to a refugee center of sorts (Caritas), the 2nd hand business here is so small in the end the best way of getting rid of clothes specificlly is to donate to those in need. leaving them separately outside a trash bin works too, they will be found and taken by someone. but this time i thought it would be nice to know where it all goes :)

small turkey and gezi themed bookmarks i bought. they are 2 sided and with magnets. very cute.
i just sold a lot of books too though cos i didnt manage to finish them, or even start some. mostly turkey themed. some were too historical, some fiction (Orhan Pamuk...)...  i shouldnt be so idealistic, i oughta stick to books i know i can actually start and finish. (currently reading Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow - not a great title for a book but the contents make up for it)

this guy does some amazing sculptures with toothpicks (Scott Weaver).

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