February 21, 2014

so then i tried something different

listening to Marissa Nadler these days. just found her recently (thanks, spotify).  spoty link to Marissa Nadler.

i am always wondering about dr House and those like him, addicted to painkillers i mean. my failure to understand must simply lay in the fact that i never experienced strong enough painkillers? so be it, i hope it stays that way. recently i had a weird episode occur however. i had this reaaaally nagging knee pain and got sick of nothing (basic ibuprofen) working and popped a pill of something stronger. hilarity did not ensue. it was the night before my morning flight to Malta, and i barely made it on that flight... the whole experience confused me so i didnt know what to say for a while. actually i barely slept that night, but i didnt feel exceptionally odd, laying in bed. then, i woke up round 6 and couldnt really stay on my feet, the world was spinning. i crawled into the kitchen to eat something sweet, to drink water, thinking my blood sugar is low (never happened but what the hell, my first reaction). i couldnt dress up cos i simply couldnt stay on my feet. doctor woke up to me sobbing on the floor. he didnt see a cause for my confusion either. i missed the first ferry i was supposed to take to get to the airport. somehow i got dressed and doctor helped my backbag on my back and i decided to try make it to the next ferry. i figured if i fall somewhere on the street, ill still manage to get back home. i just didnt want to miss my trip entirely. i did make it to the ferry, and even to the airport, but i mustve looked drunk, leaning on to things even when sitting. at the airport i started feeling significantly better but it wasnt until at Malta several hours later that i felt totally recovered. i dont remember at which point i realized that this must have all been thanks to that one painkiller. holy s*** am i never eating that stuff again. lesson learned :/

how about a movie tonight? 500 Days of Summer or The Wolf of wall Street, perhaps? its almost weekend, and altho i have work on saturday i am still feeling pretty relaxed.

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