March 03, 2014

multitasking in early spring

todays weather forecast said itl be the usual 13 degrees...  however, somehow the temperature climbed all the way up to 20. boy was that nice and warm. and to top that, i found Kadiköy's first (as far as i know, and im pretty sure i know) 2nd hand clothing shop, based on a tip by my student.  it was a cute little store, they also do exchange, so i should try that sometime. today i found myself black courderoy pants and a black skirt thats a mix between pencil and cargo (fitted but with pockets and casual styling). i was not supposed to buy anything until my salary day, but hey, they were 15tl/5e.

i did a proper wardrobe clean out too. caused me bad allergy and sneezing...  i guess thats a sign i should do it more often. i will see if i find new owners for the stuff, but some of it is going to the charity for sure. i think this clean out was also about me having a bit of a style crisis, lately i feel like (almost) nothing suits me, i think something has changed and im becoming someone else...

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