March 06, 2014

totally kitsch

tonight was a cooking night. Atice and i have made a plan to meet every bi-weekly or so at each others homes and cook and so...  cheaper than eating out. im not a fan of cooking but oh well, this was nice for a change. shes a really cute person. i made my signature dish, makaroonilaatikko (recipe), but changed it up a bit by adding zucchini and some green pepper. also, i dont know why that recipe mentions nutmeg, is it really a standard part of the dish? i doubt it. white and black pepper are all your need. and as much as i avoid salt, makaroonilaatikko can actually use some. doctor said it was my best so far. i think i agree.

i bought a new wallet as the old one, also from Etsy, was just so worn out. the photo doesnt really show how badly beaten it is.i decided to grow up and get a leather wallet, but i dont really like the bigger (checkbook size) ones sold in shops so i searched for something specific. and this is exactly iphone size so when im going somewhere fancy (once a year?) where ud normally take a clutch, ill just put my phone in there and then i dont need a handbag at all. (wristwrap is included..!)

hmm, that photo is not enough, screenshot is needed. and Etsy link.

last night i was out with Melisa and her 2 finnish friends. Karga bar's 3-legged kitty kept us company. or Melisa at least.

Pekka's tattoo. cool, i said.

as if the Senna documentary wasnt enough, i watched the movie Rush as well. they were both really good, and to think that i dont even like F1...

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