May 08, 2014

it keeps getting harder

finland has slapped me in the face again; 2 hours after my arrival my hair was static - flying in the air. cant remember the last time that happened, maybe the last time i was here? then, a few hours later my hands started to feel dry. a bit later, my nostrils. by now, my nose feels like paper...  my arms are looking white-ish from flaking skin and...  need i go on? this climate is not suitable for my species. 

in all honesty, i also had a great sushi+chinese lunch in kaisaniemi (11e) and as always, the grocery store selection reminds me of heaven. i guess its a devious balance?

tomorrow i will go to Sysmä, but on friday im back to office and work!!! i already checked off many of the items on my "food checklist" - Tupla, Geisha, dallaspulla, Rekorderlig cider, salmari...  also, me, Arttu & Eufemia had a nice dinner last night in a restaurant famous for its finnish food (Cella)

Helsinki transportation map;

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