May 05, 2014

packing is not one of my favorite activities

i have managed to get fairly stressed about my trip to finland. for no reason, im just blowing things out of proportion.  also i think i dont like being away from doctor for 10 days. its a pretty long time! 

these guys going around the city with their pull wagons collect old stuff from jewellery to printers to kitchen utencils. then they might stop over in a busy area and hope for people to buy something off them (very cheaply). i often glance over to see if there is anything of interest. once i found some books, and another time unused Clinique eye shadows. some of these guys work for the municipality, but i think there are self employed collectors too.  

the back yard of a bar, forgot which one as there are many in a row. these are wonderful open air spaces in the summer. in the winter they have make shift roofs and heaters.

kadiköy in the night. must be weekend tho, so many people sitting on the street with a beer bottle.

Miriam was here for a short layover last monday. she moved back to germany, for the time being.

i eat this set probably twice a week. lentil soup (with bread) and salad. not perfect but oh so tasty.

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