June 24, 2014


Thessaloniki can be summed up with one word: CUTE. cuuuuute. a few ruins or old churches here and there, a lot of trees, everything within walking distance and hundreds of artsy caf├ęs and cool bars. I'm not sure how life really is in Thessaloniki but it sure looks and feels cute. and I think what makes a big difference is the smiley and friendly greeks, everyone everywhere has been nice to us. 

beach near Thessaloniki, called Perea. reachable by ferry in 1h. 

120km to Sarti somehow took 4,5 hours - the bus stopped in EVERY greek village ever. but the nice views made it worth it. plus it's not like we were in a hurry. Sarti is a dreamy beach village as expected. white sand and rooms for let. fish tavernas and some beach sandal sellers and souvenir shops...  time is not of concern. and the first seaside dinner has been tried and tested. it's easy to feel happy.

we got bacon, eggs and cheese from the supermarket - doctor will cook breakfast for us...

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