June 29, 2014

the smell of sun on the skin. meh.

Sarti beach town (village) has been a pretty good spot for us the past days. quiet in the night, somewhat busy with families (unfortunately) in the day....sandy beach that is not too crowded and tavernas with Greek food.  all things considered, we are happy. sleeping until noon, cooking some cheese, bacon & tomato toasts and then hitting the beach. me not wanting to get tanned is not a good mix but I'm trying to hide under beach towels and a shade, when not in the sea. I'm not crazy about the sea anyway, waves are annoying. I've been reading books laying on the sun bed. for which you'd have to pay if it was Turkey...  there are many other comparisons I could make but I'll save that for later... 

this peninsula of halkidiki seems popular with romanians, serbians, germans and some locals. when looking for our holiday  destination I specifically did not want a place with finns, turks nor russians. mission accomplished. Kiriaki gave us good tips. for someone looking for all inclusive hotels, beach clubs and other action, I hear the last peninsula (kassandra?) is good.

we have been eating plenty, and drinking some, too. it's ridiculous to eat pork for 10 days straight but hey... ppl need their  #firstworldproblems.

we moved to a hotel with a garden and pool, I'm much better with pools than the wavy ocean...  although mostly I just rest and observe doctor is being a dolphin..

on monday we should rent a car to visit another beach and to head to airport!

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