July 01, 2014

catching up on tv now

first thoughts on greece:

-very, very nice & friendly people
-food is very good, BUT also very salty, and that was doctor's opinion too, which is a lot
-plenty of nice, spacious beaches, at least in Halkidiki area
-most greeks speak English
-i seriously suspect (despite being tried to convince otherwise) that a lot of businesses are not paying taxes in full
-the air seems a little more dry in Thessaloniki/Sarti than in Istanbul

this trip also increased the feeling that i have had in the past 6 months to a year. that my time in turkey is sloooowly coming to an end. perhaps the feeling can slowly disappear too, who knows where these feelings come from. but most things do come to an end, so.  

didnt have work today, which was nice. i did have an alarm to check the situation, if something had come up. but then i could go back to sleep. yesterday was the travel day and we were back home after midnight. i guess it was kind of tiring.

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