July 02, 2014

important update on the state of tv

after coming back from holidays i caught up on my tv shows. Mistresses, Nurse Jackie, Murder in the First, Bachelorette...  a lot of trash, but it relaxes me...

there were also 2 new ones waiting for me; Young & Hungry  was meh, empty comedy. maybe just average. maybe im too demanding, i think the only comedy ive enjoyed in many years is Big Bang Theory.

The Leftovers was interesting, HBO quality, but...not sure where its going, if anywhere. the first episode was just ...depressing?

Dominion started before our trip. it was a fail...  too illogical, messy and lacking credibility. so arch angel michael is this vengeful, obnoxious snob and then these "bad" angels are...uhm, bad, and then there is this one chosen child and only time will show who it is and...  sounds a little bit familiar but a little bit crazy too.

True Blood is back too, but im just checking it for the Eric bits. the rest is really boring. but in episode too i got more than i could have asked for, some steamy guy on guy stuff that only HBO can do!! holy...

popcorntime works. i hope its not illegal to say so?

i made the mistake of watching They Came Together. what seemed like it could be a promisingly meaningless but decent comedy, turned out to be one of the worst films ever. the humor might work in writing, or some other...setting (like...?) but in the movie it was just horrible. i think they were trying Zoolander meets Movie43. a lot of repetition jokes and ...stuff. i had to google for a clip. and thats by far above average 1.30 minutes from the movie. in fact i felt so strongly about the movie being odd and bad that i asked myself many times if there is a new trend that ive missed or something. furthermore, i logged in on IMDb to rate the film. and i do that like once a year. i DID find myself chuckle once at around 45min at a dinner discussion re: white race. so then i had to finish the movie juuuust to see if i would chuckle once more. and i did (at 55min), at another dinner scene re: fiction. the guy sounded a bit like me and he was a total jerk.

by the way, both Zoolander and Movie 43 are worth watching. the latter not for being so good but...because you cant unsee it :D

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