July 04, 2014

oh. thats music.

a pair of Clarks shoes i got a while ago. the photo shows what seems liek a scuff at the back of the heel which is not realy visible in real life. i love the metallic purple color. a very comfy pair of low heels!

before the trip Atice took me to her friends gig in a nearby cafe. i was really worried it would be some noisy rockband that would go on for like an hour and a half, but it was this sort of experimental electronic...stuff, and not too long. the cafe is in an old flat, an old living room, with a bar downstairs but apparently its semi self-service, as another friend went and did our drinks all by herself. Erdem, the artist, had a TV on stage showing abstract stuff, like drops on color dissolving in water and "static" noise when you cannot find a channel. the music was similarly out there, everything from static radio noise to something ...else. and then he occasionally played guitar on top, adjusting it with the mixer. the atmoshphere was interesting and felt other worldly so i actually enjoyed myself. i shot a very short and a very dark 30 sec clip;
today i watched The Armstrong Lie documentary.what is all this stuff about CYCLING? and im looking for good live chess game reviews again, hard.

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