July 27, 2014

if there are no probs, make some up

i just ran into a new kind of problem. well perhaps not entirely new but i havent experienced this in a while. im trying to do my usual multitask, where i watch something while doing...everything else. but this movie "begs" me to make the screen larger. and i need to pause it to write this. the visuals and atmosphere just demand a lot from me. i think thats great, but also annoying, i cant go with my usual routine. the movie is Enemy but im just 5 minutes in, there is still hope? i think this is why i favor 'easy' content. but either me or the movie industry has changed, i just dont think most comedies are funny at all these days. and i am stil interested in "deeper" content too. so Melisa suggested Enemy to me. i guess i should just pull my paws off the keyboard and try focus for once...

/well Enemy was interesting. but very artsy, between the lines. i didnt get any of it. nice to look at but wtf?! worth checking though, i think. afterwards i had to google what the whole thing really meant, since i didnt comprehend it at all. 

so the MRI i got like a year ago. i dont remember why actually, was it just for "fun"? i brought it up with doctor, i think it started with me asking how he liked my ovaries, and it turned out he hadnt really looked at the scan! it hurt my feelings and i told him to check! so he goes and sees something and gets an opinion from some professor...  the diagnosis printed on a paper says i have a small cyst in my left ovary :( needs to be checked at, so, nothing urgent i guess. then again, a year ago the radiologist said my MRI is fine. so much for trusting anyone, ever. the professor also saw signs of sacroiliitis, some sort of inflammation in the pelvic bone area...  but the symptoms i googled dont match, so i dont think its something i need to be concerned about now. i will get old and surely have arthritic issues, the inflammation in my feet and right knee occasionally are just a prelude i bet.

some people (including me) feed cats and dogs in the neighborhood, but now im apparently feeding a child, too. and when i talked to doctor i learned he has been giving stuff to the same boy. for the past weeks or a month this poor kid (5 yrs old? doctor says 9. lol, we are clueless about kids) has been sitting on our building steps with a scale. poor people sitting around with an old fashioned scale is pretty common here, u pay a lira to step on it...  that just one way to try make a living when all other options have been used. this boy looks so totally depressed though, i never saw him have a single customer, and he never talks to anyone. to go in or out of the building u must pass him. eventually i asked myself, "do i have something in my fridge to give him?". well, yeah. lets see if i make it a habit. he is not crazy thin, but i would bet on him not getting healthy food. and the fact that he doesnt talk...  i guess his mind is already crushed :( but, unfortunately that sight is too common here, its no africa but...   

we dont need to worry about burglars now. getting in and out of the front door has become a serious task due to the floor expanding upwards. the "waves" are so severe i almost stumble sometimes, on my way to the living room. the landlord firmly believes insurance company will take care of it. and the insurance company is firmly not interested during holidays. next week is bayram, the biggest holiday of the year. i think the muslim fast ends this sunday, or officially monday, not sure.

i started watching Extant. is it just me or are there a lot of scifi series lately? it could be that im just noticing them more, although im not a huge fan. Helix is ok, The 100 is for teenagers, Intelligence is fluffy american action bs, Leftover is quality HBO but depressing and pointless, The Last Ship shows potential although it looks the Americans will save the world once again...   i have skipped all historical and pirate related stuff, i cant take any of that. and i have yet to watch Resurrection.

ive been reading on software testing the past days. it does inspire me so my mood is getting higher.im contemplating on the things i could expand my skills at.

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