July 29, 2014

my usual stream of thoughts...

saturday shall be sushi day! we invited a couple like minded friends and i started collecting the overpriced & rare ingredients. uff. but it will be tasty. and fun.

we invented a solution for doctor to get good sleep after his night shifts. he can simply sleep in the guest room, i set him bed there. that side of the building is very quiet compared to the other, and the guest room even has curtains to darken the room. add a fan and u can actually sleep properly. he claimed to sleep 'decently' in our bedroom in daytime but i am skeptical of the quality...    its so light and ALL the sounds from the shops, bars, the street - u can actually hear what people talk about, every dog and cat and cars passing by, too. anyway, after comparing, he found the guest room to be great. its not bad for me either, avoiding the bedroom all day can be difficult, and i had to be careful in the kitchen too which is next door to bedroom. ok, not that i can be found in the kitchen very often... but the guest room is protected from that as well.

we are still contemplating on getting a new projector, the when & what being the main issues...  the old one is infested with dead pixels and seems to be getting worse. but those things are pricey...     i am still wondering how come televisions are so much more popular than projectors. it depends on ones needs of course, but for a lot of people my generation or younger, i bet a projector would do the trick. i mean, we get a 70 inch screen (i measured today) and the projector is tiny, easy to move.

i watched the first season of Resurrection with doctor the other night. i soon realized it was "just" the US version of The Returned/Les revenants. which was awesome, btw. the US version was nicely different, like, not an exact copy. not as good as the original but good enough.

i dont remember what sparked the question, as the inquiry was presented with a smirk, but doctor asked me what would i keep as a memory if he died. he suggested his computer. but no way, too big and noisy, pffft. i decided it would be his hard drive(s). as those truly represent him and his collector persona. not to mention i could actually watch the documentaries and movies stored in them, i think thats actually thoughtful! doctor doesnt have the time to watch a fraction of the things he downloads, but collecting stuff - books, films, music - and then organizing them seems to bring him joy. i used to be critical of it, until i grew up a little and realized that its none of my fuckin business and if something as harmless makes him happy, i should just be happy for him.

so its been a while since i cooked eggplant kebab . ive only ever done that (out of all kebabs) because its easy and happens to be one of my favorite kebabs overall. it seems its not as easy as i remembered though...  i shopped the ingredients, put everything together and just put the tray in the oven and THEN went on to google the recipe again to confirm. it seems like i didnt get it exactly right but close enough.

eggplant recipe below is from giverecipe.com:
i nailed 4 of those. i bought 350gr meat and 3 eggplants. i did mix black pepper and some salt with the meat. and i put onion rings on tray alongside the rest, but that is apparently something i made up, it was supposed to be mixed with the meat...  . i felt bad about the lack of "greens" so i went to buy carrots!



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