August 02, 2014

focusing on fresh salmon

i dont know why im so stressed about the sushi....its not my first time at the rodeo, but its been a few years... making sushi is pretty expensive here, u need to get the ingredients from specialty shops etc. focusing on veggies would help but i want to make very fishy sushi.

Hurriyet: Turkish court considers wearing leggings as ‘provocative’ factor in domestic violence case - these kind of news are pretty much daily. and i bet they only show the tip of the iceberg.

that reminds of what happened recently at doctor's ER. 4 guys brought their friend to the ER by car. the friend was a cancer patient or something. the brought him in the morning, because they were not able to wake him up. it was quite soon clear why he didnt wake up; because he was already dead. thats not funny exactly, but tragicomic somehow...

anyway need to read about sushi making now. if i survive tonight i will watch live chess games online tomorrow!

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