July 22, 2014

our Hundertwasserhaus

i have to share these photos of the floor...  when the landlord visited yesterday i asked him about it, but as i guessed, he was not interested. my intention was actually just to draw his attention to it to set a "future reminder" that its not our fault. but i should really have it in writing...this is turkey, after all.  
 waves, anyone?
the only prob is, this morning i noticed the door is now scratching the floor when you open it. so the floor is still "moving".

i wonder how long till the mold or whatever must be growing underneath the floor gets too bad? ok im kidding myself, i know it must have been bad for a long time by now.

yesterday, before heading to night shift, doctor said "lets make salad tomorrow". i nodded. he is turkish enough to have forgotten his idea by now, but i decided to stick to the plan. so i googled a bit and i think it will be a tuna-egg-tomato-basil salad. i was confused at the veggie aisle though, i couldnt recognize basil for the life of me. so many green things piled around, and no price/name tags nearby. had to ask for an employee. he of course just pointed to the general direction of the green things first.... ehh. this experience made me think i dont buy fresh basil very often. but i must have bought it before. so how did that go?? i think i must have gone by smell, striking my nose into every green bush in there...  basil is very easy to spot that way. anyway. i will make salad!

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