July 22, 2014

this is the night isnt it

i looked into some testing software these past days! HP QC and also im looking to contribute at Mozilla Bugdays :) i do feel like bugs are my special something...

thats Senni, in Pixie, before she left Istanbul. im jealous of her top.  we had a good time, the two of us. this is a video i shot the same night. the bass is so hard u FEEL it everywhere.

i have started checking new tv shows:

The Strain: so maybe Guillermo de Toro was a writer but i think this is meant for a strictly young/horror hungry audience. its a sort of gothic vampire scifi that lacks logic, so you need to be pretty dedicated to the genre to like it. otherwise the loops in logic will kill you. if not, you would enjoy the teeth and blood thirst.
The Lottery: no more kids are being born into this world (maybe for the better?) and the last 6 were apparently in the US - well of course. naturally a very US centric series does have a compelling subject at hand, but i am suspicious as to where it will go....
The Last Ship: not too deep but serious enough for an adult. stiff looking characters though...  i would say this is entertainment for when u run out of things. like, Under the Dome episodes, whish are not that awesome eithee. but they're ok. 
Satisfaction: about marriage...  seems like first world problems but then, there are some surprises.
Rush: a little too fancy, a little too underlined...  a talented, drug addicted doctor trying to, perhaps, fix his life. i doubt it.

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