September 14, 2014

looking for hobbies i guess

Linux fanboys never accept the fact that Windows is simply more practical for MOST people. just like Android, iOS and Lumia etc...  there is a place for everything. and especially the fact that the world pretty much revolves around PC FOR A REASON (not by accident) - Linux people are in denial about that; "but there is a work around that..." "GIMP is a great alternative to Photoshop" "i have a virtual Windows for using that.."...  basically, for a normal person, it seems like life just gets much harder. ok, the normal person will also f*ck up their (PC) computer, download a virus and is therefor occasionally miserable. thats why Mac is an ok option for a lot of people too! Linux, however, i insist, is only for specific needs of specific people. that being said i am thinking of installing Ubuntu on my old MINIPUPU, as a hobby. i think the more tolerable weather (25C) has activated me somehow and i am now in search of stuff to do...  playing with Linux could be one of those things.

Life of Crime wasnt that bad of a movie. actually it was quite ok. i can carefully recommend it.

today 2 guys came to work on the floor disaster. i didnt want to stress about it so i turned my back on it and figured whatever will come, will come. 

finished! better than i expected, actually. we got an invoice too! ok, we did have to ask for it, and pay more of course... but its still pretty historical to get one from a handyman. so we will now deduct the this from our rent.
 he also filled the holes in the kitchen floor. not pretty but decent, does the job. no wonder flats are thoroughly renovated so often here, with the type of things that are being done, and the quality of those things...  it makes sense... 

after the holes and couple months of pondering and a few dozens visits to the flat, nothing will be done to the faulty plumbing after all. so eventually, we can expect another flood. yippee.

also our (mine, eh?) IKEA order arrived today. i got one fitted sheet and one duvet cover for the double duvet we have. it IS difficult to have single and twin size duvets...  we should really switch to either. but im not sure what to do.

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