October 27, 2014

eco what??!

so somewhat suddenly i am going to this documentary festival on Bozcaada island on wednesday. its maybe somewhat ironic since its the "ecological documentary festival"...but im sure there is something interesting to see. my friends company is doing the technical work/screenings for the festival, and my friend Hanna is going, so she was pushing me to join...   Bozcaada municipality is arranging a free bus ride too, so why not, itll be an experience :) ive been on Bozcaada once in the summer, its a nice greek-style island, cute and with tavernas...so, that helped the decision.

 got these shoes from eBay. nice rubber sole and simple, warm...  perfect for the winter.

i ordered from a new "home food" place, an omelette and a meaty stew...  bread is included, naturally, but hey, how much bread is that???!!! i feel bad throwing that away. sometimes i take it out next to trash in a separate bag but i admit this time it just ended up in our trash bin. turks and their bread...

doctor told me about a case at the hospital. in the morning, the was a lung cancer patient at another ward, they were doing a lung endoscopy on him. he had a heart attack in the middle of it, hence ER ppl were called. doctor performed CPR on him, gave him a lot of shocks, and eventually got the patient back to this planet. anyway, doctor goes back to ER etc. in the afternoon he goes out on the yard for a break. there is a familiar looking guy wearing hospital  clothes. yup. and he is smoking  cigarettes. the fastest recovery ever, doctor said.

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