November 03, 2014

been there, seen some of it

to cross off the bucket list....:
ecological documentary festival

overall a nice experience like i thought it would be. it was good to have a change of scenery although i had to work on thursday and part of friday. Bozcaada was cold as fuck though, brrrr. it didnt help that the hotels there had been empty until festival people came so some had not even turned on hot water...  i came just in time as things started to function. although the first night when we (a busload of people) arrived the hotel staff had gone to bed and were unreachable so our friends already set there opened another room with their key (yes, their key opened another rooms door!) and luckily it fit 3 people so i got to be roomies with my friends...  and the air con worked as a heater.

i dunno how this island ended up as the location for the ecological documentary festival but i think they worked hard to make it worthwhile for guests. breakfast was free for everyone and many cafes and restaurants offered 10tl lunches and dinners - way below normal prices. locals were welcoming and it was cute as i expected. it was also to be expected that i would not go see too many documentaries, but enough to get a festival feeling. 

my favorite of the ones i saw was The Road (youtube trailer for the the road) - i didnt find the topic so interesting but it was visually VERY pleasing, and overall flowed nicely. easy to watch, basically. the director was also present and we later talked, he seemed nice. as for easy to watch, that could not be said for some of the turkish documentaries that i saw...uff.  i was actually wondering if maybe in this part of the world they have different "rules" to film making even... maybe having a comprehensive storyline and beginning, middle and end etc. is not so... important? cos me and Hanna both had trouble following some of them. i was even disappointed with the festival winner, A Few Brave People. the topic was important but it was way too long and there was too much of emotional villagers babbling etc. i feel like turks like their documentaries rather emotional than informative.

all in all i saw too many poor people struggling for their life - its too common on this planet but it gets depressing to watch. and wtf, then i return back to my city pad, to clothes made mostly (?) by chinese kids, the cleaning chemicals, to cosmetics of which some are animal tested, to putting toilet paper in the toilet and eating processed foods and using electricity which is imported and produced abusing god knows who. so who am i kidding? ok, documentaries are meant to be enlightening. meh. i already know im the bad guy in this story. and i dont agree with all of the currently popular views on

i missed these but they are on my to watch list:    
Tarlabasi and Me
Aint No Cinderellas (all Turkey & urban related)

Rooms Without a View
Five Star Experience

Bozcaada has a lot of cats!!

Festival headquarters; Eski Cafe. wonderful service. Hanna and I enjoyed their wifi and worked while enjoying breakfast, lunch...

my room, once i finally got it. very cute.   

town hall (i believe). the mayor held speeches and local wine was poured at the awards ceremony. friendly village. 

10tl dinner menu. and local wine, of course! Bozcaada has its own wineries. 

the other screening location (Armagrandi Hotel).

me and Hanna ran into this interesting fellow on the street, he invited us into his...not shop, but "hobby room". which looked like a shop. right in the center of the village, too. he likes to collect stuff and his specialty is memorabilia and letters and postcards from different parts of the world. its amazing how many people he has interacted with. and the amount of stuff...  and, then we took selfies together with his mobile phone. i, too, promised to send him a card.

this soft wonderful thing enjoyed sitting on my lap. 

i dunno what these guys were doing...  but i took a photo. 

the village center. 

Bozcaada municipality bus standing by the roadside diner tonight. thank you Bozcaada for the ride! 

 and new shoes!!

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