November 28, 2014

good hair makes a happy jenni

i got very stressed about my hair and the cut, i felt like i need to start from a clean slate with the right side :/ so i took doctors electric shaver and got going. but when doctor woke up and saw the results, he was not too impressed. and sure, i guess he was right... so then, before heading to work he took me to his barber for a polish. the friendly barber evened out my work. and although i was a bit terrified i think he did a good job. so now i will have it grow a bit and see where i wanna go. but last night at Carilyns Thanksgiving party people seemed to think its perfect as it is, and should not grow. hmmmm. well, i have already come to realize that hair this short (3-5mm) is way too much work, so i think that will direct my moves anyway. i think i need a minimum of 7-10mm. even that would need a frequent cut and dye.

phone pic (tested Adobe's photo app - Dean filter at 25%, sharpen at 50% and blur tool)

my facebook is full of changed profile pics supporting gay marriage as the finnish parliament is today voting on same-sex marriage. registered partnerships were already possible, so this would be an improvement only. people feel very passionate about this so when i say "only" i know it sounds like im downplaying it, but i think im just putting things into perspective. of course i support everyone having equal rights to marry, its not my gain or loss, so feel free. but i think its good there was already a way to make things somewhat official. u know, things could be worse? i also gave a try to the "I DO" ("TAHDON") meme pic maker, but actually im not the type to change my profile pic for "a cause" because it seems illogical. but actually i doubt its about logic to begin with, i think its probably the modern way to express yourself..  a tragedy happens, u change ur pic to black, or something political is stirring the pot and you put a slogan on your image, etc.u dont expct it to make a difference, but you want the world (ie. fb friends) to know how you feel about this and where you stand. it creates a feeling of unity too; "hey, we're on the same boat" or "oh, we have that in common with my old highschool friend, cool". yeah i guess it is useful in that sense :)

(me and Miriam)

in other news:
i like my job (finding bugs, quality assurance)
i like my job schedule; around 13-18h/week, semi flexible hours...
i like my work station from where i have a view out the window to the street
i like Spotify's artist radios - today is Hozier radio station day
i like my every morning Monster energy drink
i like that today is our 4yr 8 month relationship anniversary
i like eating manti (turkish meat tortellini) for lunch
i like buying shoes
i like downloading apps to my phone, checking them out and then deleting
i like wearing wool or thick cotton tights in the winter

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