November 08, 2014

maybe not interested

i watched Summer of Blood. nicely awkward...  obviously not a big budget movie and not great, but refreshingly different and with plenty of truly funny moments. i seem to find those lacking in comedies these so it is worth mentioning. i liked a lot of dialogue and social awkwardness going on. light and humorous.

The Imitation Game looks interesting too. in fact, first it didnt, ok Alan Turing breaking the enigma code and yadi yadi yaa...  however the trailer got me somewhat excited! now i want to see it.

Atice got me installing Goodreads app. now, im not sure if it will actually be useful for me, as i dont read *that* much, and the few friends that are also on it, don't share my taste in books. so then its ..meh. HOWEVER, while i set it up, i noticed its very good in suggesting books and understanding what you are into. i dont know if they built their own database and if its just great analytics, but i felt like it was better than Amazon. which says a lot.

meanwhile in turkey: prosecutor demands up to 6 yrs of jail for a mother, kid gets killed while parents sleep.

as i was working today and emailing back and forth with a developer about a recurring but random bug, i identified another one of my great testing assets (yes, there are several), which is that i just dont let shit go. its - again - not a great feature in life in general, however for testing its optimal. i see a problem, it should be fixed, maybe it disappears, but then i see it again or it was just a freaky browser error, but then i will keep digging like a bloodhound...  #yayme  but i think my real challenge in life is to subdue that behavior in my relationships and general behavior. i have been working on it, and will continue. i think ive made progress...

pharmacy kitty. maybe on tranquillisers cos she was not interested in my petting services.

some articles i read recently:
fooled by your own brain (nothing super deep nor new, but nevertheless fun toread)
a birth story (great writer)
bartender watching over tinder dates (short & amusing)
the bridge to Sodom & Gomorrah (gets tiring towards the end)

Karga's 3rd floor has been made into a small concert space, i just saw it for the first time. no chairs, just sitting on the floor. reminded me of my teenage years :) i didnt stay in for the concert because im just not into live music.

 random. looks like a bar is moving?

you realize you are a little bit older than others when you talk about movies or tv shows and realize that the person you are talking to was too young when that particular thing came out. and by the way, then there is the awkwardness of what to say; cos if you go with the spontaneous "ohh, right, u cant remember it cos it was in the 80s!" it could be considered as patronizing. so sometimes, if i think faster than my mouth opens, i just pretend like i dont know why they dont know, and quickly suggest something else or change the topic.

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