December 31, 2014

lets not too plan too far ahead. although i will, anyway.

this list of "24 movies from 2014 that you should see" seems pretty good, based on what i have heard about some of them and them and the ones ive seen (Only Lovers Left Alive, Snowpiercer and Enemy). i think ill start with the obvious ones (for me), ie. the dramas and relationship films;

The One I love
What If
Obvious Child

Ok, now that I've seen the first 3 from the list, I can confirm that they are nice, cool films. my fav so far was The One I Love, it had me thinking. and thinking.

i also watched Under the Skin. what the fuuuu----. movies need a big red flashing "art movie" warning. 2 hours of my life wasted right there. i could have given up after 5 minutes when it was pretty obvious that i was not gonna be a happy camper but for some reason i kept watching. ill just say "fu*k" once more.

my new years resolution: i will eat tenderloin steak more often (free range preferably).

we will end the year with a party at a friends place tonight. tomorrow i plan not to work!

2014 was great work wise, and that affected my identity too. other than that i guess the year was "average"? like, the usual. definitely not bad. this calendar/year thing is a human construct of course but an okay tool if we want to reflect and look ahead and it gives us a "tool" to take a step back and evaluate...  i guess...  meh whatever.

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