January 03, 2015

leftovers for lunch

im just going through my Chrome tabs, where i leave open the trailers of movies i want to see. i dont like when they release a trailer like a year in advance, but 3-4 months is a normal wait. so every now and then i go through the tabs and check the release dates and whether anything should be available. im sure there is an easier way, but im old fashioned?

next on my watch list is...
Before I Go To Sleep
Reach Me
The Zero Theorem

and all the films from the previous lists ive linked...   also Melisa recommended Clouds of Sils Maria. so i guess i will check it out.

New Year's party was nice, about 25 people, great food and a lot of selfies.

the other day i popped into the "jewellery" shop, they only sell the accessories and tools to make them though. from gem stones to wire to sequins. so i picked up a bunch of stuff and put them together at home. i realize a (nearly) 35 year old is supposed to wear gold and diamonds or something along those lines, but i dont feel like doing that at all. im not sure i will like and wear these things i crafted either, but it was a cheap shopping spree and i enjoyed making them. my right wrist did not. its being really pissed lately. im trying to ignore.

start earrings! classic...
this black stone was cool - smooth but heavy and...well, its stone, so. i hope the super glue holds it on the ring.
 hearts, another classic. but i went for the big hoops.
 random star and a transparent/white glass piece.
heart brooch. i think i should make a new years resolution to wear brooches. because i never do, but they would make for cute accessories...

the brooch pins were too big for this heart so i bought one tiny safety pin and a roll of fishing line instead and so its "extra home made"....   works great though.
also i bought a pink felt moose to make yet another brooch. i glued plastic on the antlers, to make sure they don't start sagging because the felt was quite soft.

random items that might work as necklaces.... i got chain and leather string and the necessary accessories to make necklaces. 

in use:

random earrings. i made one of each so if i like them, i can make another. but my earrings dont need to match. and with my current hair style you only really see the other earring usually...  the snow flake is felt too so its gonna have a short life i bet. one shower or pulling off my sweater and itll break. but thats ok.

 a coin i found, attached to a ring base.

hearts...  black felt and metal. 
 more random things....  button earrings and so on.

doctor made some sort of meat spinach"pie"  last night - it was delicious.

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