April 14, 2015

home. cozy.

returning home caused some mixed feelings. was nice to return to the familiar environment, but then, at the airport i queued 1h 4 mins at the passport control.... not fun. and the queue was full of turkish looking guys (but not turks cos they have their own queue) ogling at me, reminding whats wrong with this country. then the passport control guy interrogates me for a minute or so, about stuff thats basically in my residence permit. did i not look like the person in the photo or what? okay well its his job so whatever. then we struggle with our luggage into the rush hour metro and tram. the tram was so full that it wouldnt let people in at some stops, it was rough. and as if it wasnt uncomfortable enough with the backpacks etc, people started mobbing us for having the luggage (and taking space and whatnot)! it was a real "we live in a fuckin zoo" moment.

but it was nice to come home, our subtenant had cleaned after herself and even changed the sheets. ah. but instead of sleeping we unpacked our bags and the storage room to make home feel like home. the subtenants had moved things around (not really sure why someone would move furniture around for a 1 month stay, but ok...) so we were putting things back and so on. today i really enjoyed working by my own desk, with the sun shining from the window. a very cozy feeling.

unpacking our stuff i tallied what we brought with us:
-a pile of H&M clothes
-a water dispenser
-2 bars of soap (Lush and some aussie brand)
-a pink plastic glass
-a shower wall 'basket' (for creating a phone holder!)
-a new leather handbag
-The God Delusion pocket book

doctors luggage:
-tablet pen
-Fitbit activity tracker
-Toni&guy sea salt spray
-Toni&guy hair texturizer

i dont like the word 'ladies', which is often used by women in womens groups (or among friends, whatever). i think the frequent use has been established by americans/british, but not sure. to me it sounds old fashioned, but i realized its also a cultural thing - i dont feel a need to address a group by using anything (ladies, guys...), but i think just because its not so common in finnish.

generalizations about australia:
  • they really like gambling. talk about an addiction...  "pokies" signs are all over, there are bars dedicated to poker and other slot machines, and in Sydney all the bars have a "VIP room", which means a room dedicated to these machines.
  •  they are really hung up on the gallipoli fight during WWI ...like, really. they have statues for it and its a big deal every year to celebrate and remember the fallen soldiers...  and if i dont remember wrong, a movie just made with Russell Crowe tells the story of a father of one of those fallen soldiers...   im just thinking, i hope next time they think twice before sending their men to a far away country to fight someone elses war...?

movie reviews:
Force Majeure -  a smart drama about (i think) men's position in the modern society. i dont usually look or see this type of deeper meanings, but it felt obvious here. anyway it was a good swedish flick. watched this with doctor a few months ago...
Synecdoche, New York -  i did not like it at all. probably there were some deep analogies and something... and i guess the acting was great but even Philip Seymour Hoffman cant save a film if i dont understand what its about. we watched this in Sydney.
Birdman -  mostly as above; WTF. there were some interesting scenes that i enjoyed, and the film was visually nice, but still, i didnt get it, like, what just happened? uff. watched this in Melbourne.
Oblivion -  better than expected. ok, some horrible cliches about eternal love and too many fancy war scenes with the machines, but story wise quite ok. with some though provoking (for me) stuff about identity and parallel possibilities of reality. watched on flight to Istanbul.
Before I Go to Sleep -  actually this was good, offered some surprises and kept me interested. jenni recommends. watched on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

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