April 11, 2015

thank you Melbs :)

sharing a house has its sides. mostly bad. actually i cannot think of any really good ones. occasionally u might run into a nice party or someone invites u to something...but its not much different from your friends nearby inviting you out or so, and at least u can choose ur friends. there is a reason i like living in the center; to be close but far at the same time! while i truly cherish this experience of living "aussie style" with some 7 other people, i have zero interest in ever repeating it again. i am an only child, what would u expect.

our melbourne experience has been quite good, 2 sunny months. instead of dwelling on all the good & obvious stuff, i think its better i list the things i will NOT miss;
  • wearing shoes and clothes when going out of our room
  • old townhouses (not in much better condition than most turkish flats)
  • traffic lights - i recorded waiting times of 50-110 seconds...usually round 90sec
  • unresponsive aussies (they are lazy at replying to messages - where is basic human decency?)
  • calling restaurants to see if they are open today, if a booking is possible, or worst case; queuing
  • agitator style top-loading washing machines
  • the prices

grilling at the Albert Park last weekend with doctor, Melis and 2 other turkish doctors (who have relocated here). parks and beaches often have public gas grills seen below, everyone is free to use them. very nice.

 possum! they are all over the city parks and not afraid of humans (but would not let me cuddle...)
 the happy hours...oh boy.
 aussie burger at The Flame (chapel st)

flight back to istanbul tomorrow afternoon! and arrival on monday - if Malaysian Airlines is willing, of course. kind of happy to go back to our cozy home although it has its problems...   but now i should go eat the last pieces of tasty sushi...

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