April 08, 2015

too much food, burb

i wouldnt be me if i didnt post a meaningless pic of my clothes shopping (from over a week ago). it was the H&M sale. gooood memories.

Indian all you can eat night. we got a groupon deal for this Indian restaurant - again i decided i would give indian food one more chance...  i didnt strongly dislike the food offered, there were a couple of nice things like the garlic naan bread. but overall, im really going to sign off from indian food, its not my thing.
speaking of indian, me and doctor were heading out last night for a quick pancake & ice cream & cocktail at M√∂venpick cafe, when our Indian housemates invited us into the kitchen. the other of the 2 girls was celebrating her birthday with 2 cakes. so then we had to sit down and eat some...  i dont mean that in a bad way, it was a nice surprise and the cake was tasty. but after that we didnt really feel like ice cream anymore...:D

that feeling when u realize the striptease show is a little bit more interactive than you expected.... :D me and Melis got a Groupon deal to go see a male strip show (at Mandate club). the "warning" of full frontal nudity didnt exactly turn us off :D of course i knew they take that one volunteer or bride-to-be from the audience and have fun with her, but this went beyond that, everyone was game. maybe because of the small venue and audience (no more than 25 women) everyone got their share of the men :)
complimentary champagne and finger food helped set the mood, not to mention the nice and forthcoming topless waitresses and strippers themselves that would keep us company after their show. i was very positively surprised by it all. its nice to stroke oiled bodies and dance with hot guys especially when they pull you to the dance floor - but also awesome to go back home to our own guy afterwards (yeah thats so cheesy but true).

last week we were invited to a birthday party in Hawthorn. this Iranian girl had her 24th birthday and the crowd of guests was pretty international :) even a few turks.

Mundo Lingo language exchange. with this amount of people it gets deafeningly loud...

now...  off to eat italian!!

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