July 20, 2015

listening to Moonspell's old albums

why are audiobooks so fucking popular??!! fucking fuck. okay i know why, at least i can imagine. but when u try to find epub or pdf and only stumble across mp3's its bloody annoying. i hate instructional or lecture type videos too. reminds me of school where i got horribly bored.

work wise july is slow, everyone is on holiday etc...  so im focusing on online courses...there is a big testing course im doing. and before our trip to portugal i skimmed through the basics of portuguese. although i couldn't find portugal portuguese so i had to take brazilian portuguese (did i mention i hate videos??! ) and then google what are the main differences between sounds...   and now i started human computer interaction course.

today im also finally starting with Karl Ove knausgård's My Struggle (1). ive been a little hesitant because apparently the book is some unknown mixture of fact (biographical) and fiction....  but since the division is unclear, i assume i can just take it as reality and possibly enjoy.

after starting Knausgård's book im feeling depressed. The first chapter starts with
"For the heart, life is simple: it beats for as long as it can. Then it stops. Sooner or later, one day, this pounding action will cease of its own accord, and the blood will begin to run towards the body’s lowest point, where it will collect in a small pool, visible from outside as a dark, soft patch on ever whitening skin, as the temperature sinks, the limbs stiffen and the intestines drain. "
(im thinking that 3 sentence quotation counts as fair use). very poetic...  sounds pretty but im starting to think it's not my thing. will have to read past first page to make sure, i guess.

Amazon is generally pretty good with its customer friendliness, but to send me an email advertizing "kindle unlimited"...  come on, localize a little bit! we all know these are never available outside the US...  thanks for reminding me.

Istanbul weather is a steady 30c these days. a bit warm but most of the time im just happy. better cozy warm and shivering in the cold...

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