July 15, 2015

rainbow flag

yesterdays inking session was not as tough as the previous one. it was just 4 hours to begin with, but also only a few of the areas were super sensitive. i bit my teeth through the wrist and inside of the arm and the rest was a breeze. but there is still a lot to do, especially in the form of background color. i dont want my arm fully colored, but some background is needed so that the mermaids and other things dont look like sitting in a colouring book...:)

i actually hadnt planned on going this psychedelic with the colors but when i started thinking of the options...well there are only so many colors in the world, and i happen to hate half of them, and so on...  with Yeliz we came to a good solution and i feel content with my rainbow arm:) 
i love the work Yeliz did on the flower, i asked for an upgrade and we did a sketch on it with markers. turned out great, the style matches the watercolor stuff next to it. 

she is going on a holiday now and then me and doctor are going on holiday in august...and i dont want to go to a festival with a healing arm...  so we will continue later in august...

a "street sign" i bought. actually i think its like memorabilia, and want to take it with me when i leave turkey - Kadiköy is definitely one of the best places in the world and i feel at home here.

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