September 01, 2015

valuable things

i headed to the european side of the city this morning. the Finnish consulate moved to Levent (imho not a practical location) and is open twice a week for 2h...  i want to register my marriage in finland, so i took the necessary papers there. its unclear if it will go though however since they actually expected me to send the original certificate.. no way am i letting it out of my sight! so the consul took a copy and i sent that... i guess i will find out soon enough.

since Duolingo app got esperanto added, i started the beginners 'course'. i looked into esperanto 10 or 15 yrs ago, but didnt bother with it. now, with an app, giving it 10 minutes here or there seems like fun. not like i will even be able to communicate in this language, but activates my brain cells, maybe.

so i asked myself what is it about music festivals that i like so much. because i am not a fan of concerts per se, it must be the other stuff?? i find festivals enjoyable of course, but also specifically relaxing. okay, who doesn't relax while out and about partying? it's more than that. i love traveling, but relaxing and letting go still remain a challenge. a festival however, with it's restricted area and program seems to enable my 'relax' switch. there is only so much i can plan and worry about at a festival. in fact, if i feel like my phone &  money & passport are safe, the only thing left is to choose which bands or other acts to see. the options are clear - no need to google or ask for tips. the food is there - just look around and pick, while the selection may vary, prices do not that much. there is a deadline so no need to ponder when and where to move (as you do when traveling without a plan). after a day or so, you know the area and your options. that's very nice, for me. yet, you are constantly surrounded by people & activities that all ooze party and life and colors - so there is certainly no chance of being bored. the liberal and happy atmosphere combined with a limited, familiar area and options seems to make a wonderful combination, and i am for once able to let go a little. if we move next year, festivals may not be an option financially. but perhaps the year after that. lets see.

me chillin' in a swing at Sziget. not as drunk as i look, really, just happy :)

its not New Year but recently i have been trying to have or stick to a couple of resolutions. first one is avoiding chicken and turkey meat because they are factory farmed here, of course. free range (whole) chickens are sold in a few places but a whole chicken, really? not to mention the price is consequently through the roof. i have been trying to do this for the past years, but my success has been up and down. lately im much more strict about it, and since red meat is not healthy nor ecological on daily basis, we have more veggie days than before. i dont cook every day of course, but there are vegetarian options when ordering from outside too.

the second one is sticking to non-animal tested cosmetics. around here that pretty much means MAC.  although fairly recently they started selling in China which means they also need to test products sold there...  so, im running out of options. the list of cruelty free cosmetics companies Peta gives me for Turkey is short. and not a single familiar name on it. i do have enough cosmetics to use for another year or so though. hopefully by then i will live somewhere else and have more options.

Chemical Watch: turkey restricts animal testing of cosmetics

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