November 13, 2015

discovered Milka Oreo this week

always great to have breakfast in bed. last weekend one morning doctor came from night shift and prepared us something tasty. which reminds me, tomorrow morning he will come from yet another night shift. i doubt ill get as lucky with the breakfast tho.

Independent: Was the Turkish election rigged? i just heard the writer of this article got fired from his Hurriyet Daily job after this was published. nothing surprising of course but nevertheless, sucks every time.

so apparently theres been a show called 90 Day Fiance. last year. too bad i missed it, seems like.."fun". oh! there are new seasons!   but now i have Law & Order SVU season 6 on the way...

this week i tested this dating app (alongside my other work). it was for finnish localization, so i was looking at the language and other locale info. it is awkward to see these profile photos while at it, and whats annoying is that these apps look at potential partners for you based on your location... so ive been looking at turkish men for the past couple days. maybe im exaggerating but even a few are too many. some of them also put something other than their face in the profile...  and once you create a profile as a female, even if you dont put your photo or any personal info, the messages start pouring in...  which is okay once, to see the incoming message notification is translated correctly...  after that...  yeah okay im whiny. overall it was interesting cos there was a lot to fix, i spent a couple hours on it at least. i think it was my 3rd dating app testing ever :)

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