February 02, 2016

crafty crafty crafty

soooo. i saw 45 Years yesterday. Arttu and me have this thing now where we agree to watch a film and then schedule a (skype) "talk" about the movie. just a 15 min thing or however long it takes. its a good motivator to also watch something. the movie was quite good, i should add.

last thursday was a friends surprise birthday party at a restaurant. the chef was my friends friend, so we got to enjoy a huge tasting menu...  most of the food was shared but we got main dishes too (free frange "duck tarhanotto"!).

a lot of the names and ingredients on the menu were honestly like from Top Chef, unfamiliar words...and the prices in accordance with that. but props for the restaurant for making truly high quality food from fresh, seasonal ingredients.
 birthday cake! i dunno how they are normally made, but the chef was happy to share that there was no four in this one. and the main ingredients were chocolate and beetroot. i found the cake actually quite good :)

saturday we went to a dinner party to our barbers new home, he has a dutch gf and we got together for the first time.  the home was nicelu minimalistic and artsy, with a table he himself designed. i would like to do something like that one day....  him and his gf had also invited 2 other couples, turkish-ukrainian and turkish-portuguese.. so it was turkish-foreigner night :D  we had a good evening.

despite my efforts, im finding it hard to live in the moment. too much planning stressing, worrying... and to know that its the number one regret for most old people! ufff. but i cant help myself, i should be put on some serious zombie-medication to stop thinking (too much).  
after a long break i wandered into the nearby craft shop again and got myself a few random things.... so as a result, by the evening i had 5 new earrings and 1 necklace. im sure some will not get much use, but i paid 3TL(1eur) for the stuff so whatever. its about trying things and seeing what i like. and what i like is those hollow hearts! i attached one on two types of earring backs, a stud and the loop clasp. so i can figure out which one i like more, if either. wrapping the wire around the heart shape was the most work.
watching The Voice UK (Boy George!) while taking a break from my  "jewellery making".

 construction in the neighborhood.

doctor is working in pediatrics ICU this month. they seem like nice guys, didn't release the monthly shift plan until this morning, the first of February! how nice to go to work not knowing if you are coming home in the evening? for the record, doctor isnt coming home tonight. 34h shift to start the month. very nice. jenni is not happy. last week was pretty rough too, its straining me. and he is the one working! so i really shouldnt be bitching? :(

choice of nail polish this month.

this photo exhibition by Mary Ellen Mark should be interesting, too bad its too far.

i wish i could cheer for Hillary Clinton but in my honest opinion Bernie just IS better. but im not too hopeful. either way its important for a democrat to win. but after following Trump's success im not so sure about that either. and none of this matters, its not like im voting.

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