February 02, 2016

sharing XVII

i decided to have a wine & cheese night for girls this month (next month is sushi nights turn). after asking around about everyones availability i settled for friday 12th. there was no perfect day but on that friday i could get most of the people i really wanted. i look forward to the wines, even if i cant really tell much difference, the cheese, and the intelligent company.
in turkish news:
-3 men die in an elevator accident at a construction site in istanbul
-more than 3000 syrians have fled to turkey in 3 days
-governors office instructs civil servants to report "insults" to Erdogan
-turkish man was jailed for rape attempt (prevented by a ‘heroic’ cat)
-police shot a man suspected of carrying a bomb in istanbul
-more than 360 migrants drowned in january
-Turkish academic faces up to 7 years of jail for ‘terror propaganda’ over exam question on PKK leader (asking students to compare two writings by A. Öcalan)
-Russia’s Gazprom says exports to Turkey up 3.4 pct in January
-crime boss says death penalty should be revived for jailed journalist Dündar (who releaved that turkish intelligence is transferring weapons to Syria)
-5 soldiers killed in 2 PKK attacks in southeast turkey
-chilean activists protest Erdogan upon his arrival to Santiago
-Uk warns citizens against travel in southeast turkey
and the icing on the cake: Italy drops objections to EU's 3 billion migration fund to Turkey

does EU really think turkey can contain the refugees? really? who is stupid, me or them? its hard to believe either, but generally im willing to accept that a collection of 'people in charge' are smarter than me and know what they are doing with all the (extra) information they have. but its kinda hard to understand right now! i guess time will show. but overall that deal is kind of like a nail in turkey's coffin, as i see it. im not suggesting the people in charge here ever cared much for what EU has to say, but after making a deal like this they know they dont even need to listen to any whining. its a free reign to... yeah ok ill stop here.

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