February 09, 2016

in good spirits again :)

The New Yorker: The Head Scarf and Me long but actually kind of insightful read...
the overlooked history of black mixology
Bloomberg Business: corporate espionage and stealing the color white

i just found myself LOL'ing, literally. well it was more like a long chuckle. but out loud. why? i was reading an essay about art fraud and stuff, and this guy says he has written a book about painting. fuck, i chuckled again after writing that. he was referring to a painting by Van Eyck called Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, not that i am familiar with it. or intend to be. but writing a book about a painting, well, thats something. nothing wrong with it, of course.

"truths" about sleeping in make up. i would've lol'led if i wasnt so pissed. while sleeping in make up is not recommended, it's certainly not dangerous like this "journalist" would like people to believe. i realize they want clicks and need to write interesting stories but sheesh...this one had very little truth in it.

 Turkish Airlines does a Batman vs Superman ad/promo collaboration

Buy Me Once. a website selling stuff thats supposed to last a lifetime.

new street art in Kadiköy.

just realized i have not bought a single jacket or coat while living in turkey... then realized i did, 2 of them, but they were short lived. so all my current coats are at least 6 years old. 8 to 9 years if i remember correctly. one of them is my mom's old down coat :D doing clothing inventory today in between work...    
one of them is really worn out and more grey than black, but i cant find coats here that are to my liking so i just have to manage.

lately ive enjoyed watching Channel 4 programs, since its all freely available. this past weekend i watched Bodyshockers, its not as "shocking" as it sounds...they have some self described freaks with hundreds of piercings and so, but mostly its just people removing or getting tattoos, or scarifications or implants...  fixing stretched ear lobes...  :) then i watched 24 hours in A&E with doctor. its slow paced, featuring "cases" in the ER...simple as that. we have a plan to keep watching, an episode here or there.

tomorrow is doctor's appointment to hand in his UK visa (family permit) application. i will go too though, it's cheaper than providing a certified copy of my passport. and we will take our marriage certificate with us. and hopefully that's that.

2nd set of "jewellery". half of which i could just throw away straight away :D  but its all about trying things and seeing what works. thats why i usually just make 1 earring at a time, no use making a pair if i dont like it...

went to a farewell party last saturday. an american guy i worked with a couple years ago, at the translation agency. we didnt actively keep in touch but since he invited...well, it was good to hears whats up. i came home near 5am so i think it was a fun night?!

not sure if this poor kitty enjoyed the bar atmosphere, poor thing :(

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