March 28, 2017

7 years :o

it took like 2+ weeks to get a hold of doctor's payslip. yes, welcome to UK. we started to wonder after a month had passed and his salary had been paid where it may be.  especially since we should send it to Home Office for additional proof of MY income (indeed claiming that im partly dependent on my husband, but whatever, i am tho arent i, i wouldnt be able to cover the rent and bills by myself?). but so he asked around and apparently payslips are sent to this separate online account, which, naturally, he had not been given login or password to. and that takes a while of course. just getting a paper copy was a struggle. it kind of sounds like turkey??  but its a bit more 'clear', in some way,  bureucratic but sort of trustworthy system.

i started listening to my older spotify playlists yesterday. how ODD. and great :D type o negative, placebo etc.  one of the playlists.

Tim Harford's writing on Konmari. not sure i agreed with everything. or, anything? but nevertheless, worth reading. i am not against Konmari - to each their own right. and less consumption is overall good for the planet and so. but i stuff.

at doctors hospital they dont even have a modern pulse oxitometer. seriously. of course, its the end results that matters and its not bad, but according to doctor they are technologically way behind turkey. when he changes hospitals in the fall to a large referral hospital (more comparable to the hospital in istanbul), i will be curious to hear if its as bad. cos then its really one gov funded uni hospital with trauma center compared to another. but its prolly not going to fare well when it comes to some of the modern equipment, things are just a little behind here.

what was wrong with this guy?? (G.Kopp) jesus...i feel bad for his wives.

Zehra Dogan got 2+ yr prison sentence for a painting. go turkey go...? f....

we are celebrating our 7 yr relationship today. now it's officially my longest relationship too. 7 years ago i moved my butt to istanbul, doctor picked me from the airport, and later that day suggested we make it official and be boyfriend & girlfriend. i was suspicious of the outcome, but interested obviously. so here we are. cant believe how far we've come... :D to celebrate we will go eat tapas and other delicacies at a local spanish restaurant.

i also booked a flight to Madrid on May 12th, going with my swedish friend Karin.

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