April 01, 2017

fluttering lashes

ive been calculating (updating) our budget. i think it brings me sanity and peace, if nothing else. the feeling that things are under control. everything seems to be more less as estimated so far which leaves a bit of pocket change for traveling and savings too. i cant wai until doctor gets his passport back from the home office and we can go somewhere for long weekends!! relocation is a long process but i feel like we are way past halfway.

i decided to try shopping service Convibo cos they had a free trial. i doubt i'll make a habit of it since its i think 4.99£ per pop. but im desperate for tortilla chips and salsa right now so happy to try...  their website needs some work tho, pop up's come up in all the wrong places etc. on a side note, i learned that Waitrose has a lot of organic & free range meat products!

im gonna get back  into cooking now. im starting to feel comfy in the flat, we have enough cookware and basics (spices etc). today i made chicken pasta with spinach and pesto. and i am patting myself on the back for it.

on tuesday we went out for drinks and dinner to nearby tapas place, celebrating our anniversary. the place was called Seven, very cute, kind of hisptery i guess.

i started watching Big Little Lies because of Alex...i mean  cos Hanna recommended it to me. 2 episodes in, im still unsure. its quality, great actors, great music and very aesthetically pleasing. but the whole small town drama, rich housewives in catfights....  it is not nice. yet i guess thats the soul of the series, a fundamental it relies on. so im still undecided.

decided to try eyelash extensions when a finnish woman posted on a London based group that she is doing them for a while at a discount price. i was skeptical but it turned out really nice i think, im really pleased! on my way home i was also thinking how ive managed to change quite a bit about myself - from hair color all the way to the lashes. thats the way i roll i guess :)

booking.com was blocked in turkey (Hurriyet). idiots.

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