July 11, 2017

final hurdle

so yesterday doctor got a letter from Home Office, well before expected - i've been reading reports that it's pretty much 6 months right now, give or take 3 days. so, bloody hell, 3 weeks early! it seems to say they are giving him the residence card - as they should! but i have been pretty stressed, re-thinking if every bloody page was stamped and whatabout the payslips which were not stamped and so on...  its agonising to dwell in the uncertainty of whether you made a tiny mistake. cos they are known to find that tiny mistake and thats a rejection then. anyway, now we are just sitting and waiting for his card! how fuckin awesome? im ready to book a trip abroad as soon as we also get doctors holidays confirmed by his new hospital! istanbul! maybe a weekend in paris? :D hahaa.  whata relief, seriously...
 seems legit? the card is on its way??

 last saturday - Karin's birthday and housewarming at Queen Mary's rose garden. very festive!

is this a fox? i know they are common in london but i'd never seen one. the white end of tail would suggest so. and ears that were not very dog like.

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