July 14, 2017

good stuff

things that are good now:
-doctor has his Residence Card
-muesli with almond milk & can of coke zero are my breakfast staple and its good
-the company i work for is pretty awesome
-when using metro, our is the first stop so i always get a seat
-ordering vietnamese takeout
-amazing & funny husband
-holiday starting NOW.

we are taking the train to Cornwall tomorrow, proper UK countryside travel! also got home insurance finally today...eh. better late than never. (and we always had a burglar alarm, just for the record).

and today the mailman brought a "gift"; our 780gr of evidence, doctors passport, my ID and as a cherry on top a bue registration certificate for me. so im registered as a EEA citizen now (insert eyeroll here). and i bet that booklet is gonna be worth nothing in a 1.5 yrs time, anyway, not that i need it now. but doctor's residence card should be good for 5 yrs. what happens after brexit is finalised, we will deal with it then.

well, jenni, that was a job well done!

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