July 26, 2017

UK sightseeing

holidays done. for me anyway, doctor has until friday.  Cornwall and Edinburgh were very nice indeed. the first one with majestic views and easy chilling at Marianne's lovely house & garden. and the latter being cute & gothic at the same time. we went strolling around the city tasting and drinking everything in our way. VV & Mikko hosted us but we also met an old friend of doctors who moved to UK like 10 years ago.

Cornwall. grilling & chilling!  we had one super sunny hot day, rest foggy/grey. 

largest nachos in scotland (2.7kg). yes, my wet dream. had to share it with others unfortunately. 
 all of Edinburgh is like this, you feel like you're suddenly in the 18th century.


NHS and/or King's College in specific has a pretty interesting appointment reminder system here. a week before your appointment you get an automated call that asks if you are (name). when you press 1 to confirm, it reminds you of your appointment date and time and asks if you are planning to attend it or not. you confirm with 1. they must have had a lot of no-shows to set up a system like that...    my GP just sends reminder sms messages. but so i have now confirmed im attending my physiotherapy appt next monday - my 'mouse arm' keeps giving me troubles.

lovely video of london;

i bought a pair of 'period prood underwear' from Thinx when i got a discount code and free shipping. still uncertain to what extent i want to use them but we will see.

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