July 29, 2017

stuff VII

oh Turkey. little by little they are taking the country to its grave;
draft law to authorizing muftis to register civil marriages (hurriyet daily)
turkish schools to stop teaching evolution (guardian)
local Amnesty International director and 5 other activists charged for terrorism (guardian)

i could go on but thats depressing enough. anyway, that country greatly changed the course of my life and i enjoyed some of my best years there and made amazing friends and we bought flights to istanbul in september for a holiday. im really eager to go back and feel Kadiköy again. they say the atmosphere keeps changing, which is understandable with all the changes... but still.

our next door neighbors are moving out. too bad, they were nice. there is always the risk that new people will have a baby and a barking dog...    just now a guy walked into the flat and was taking photos of it from outside and he saw me through the window, i smiled but he had zero reaction... hmm.

after a hot yoga craze doctor is now into swimming. a very nice hobby, should i say :) i might go and try with him, one of these days.

Amazon's customer service keeps amazing me. i have interacted with them only 3 times but they are fairly easy to reach which is really important - most big companies hide behind endless links that refer to each other. and then, whichever contact method i picked, i was able to reach a person quicky. and of course finally; the issue was always solved promptly.

the other day we went to a turkish supermarket thats in Camberwell, in other words not very far at all. i cant figure out if i didn't search before, or if i didnt search well enough or if its new, but either way, it was a happy day for doctor especially, i didnt mind practising my turkish with the staff either.

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