August 02, 2017

good times how long can they last

i tried to listen to this podcast Guys We F****d which Anna recommended, but the episodes are long and quality varies. yet, ive been interested enough to keep listening to the 'not a teen, not yet a milf' episode with Jon Ronson. who is cool. i loved his article on Monica Lewinsky last year. 

i am starting to feel more an more comfortable in london. i never felt uncomfortable but obviously ive felt 'new'. but i knew london should be easy to settle to, most people are from somewhere and nobody cares (in a good way). shopping in sainsburys tonight i wondered why i would feel comfortable amidst such a mix of people, where others feel comfortable in the supermarket of the town they grew up in. i bet i would feel comfy there too, had i stayed. just, i can feel at home somewhere else fairly easily. not sure what % of that is motivation. cos ive really wanted to integrate. i met someone new today (through Vina app) and they talked about the volunteer work they do, and it reminded me of how ive considered getting into it too, cos i can, and cos it would help me integrate as well. hah, just signed up at the local council website. lets see if they will get in touch with me or not, maybe they dont need help :D i also signed up at the local hospital foundation trust a while ago, as a 'community member'. not sure what it means, if anything, but i'd like to take part in stuff! in their email it sounded fancy;
"I am writing to thank you for becoming a member of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and to explain a little about membership and what it means to our hospital. You now join thousands of other people already supporting your local hospitals and taking an active interest in their future. As a member you are entitled to vote in or stand for elections to our Council of Governors who represents the interests of our patients and our local communities. We also want to engage with you and the local communities to hear your views and improve services for patients at all hospital sites.There are a range of opportunities for members to get involved with King’s, and it’s up to you how much or little you want to take part. You may want to attend our special member health talks on clinical topics such as Diet & Nutrition, Depression and Parkinson’s Disease or on broader strategic issues like our future plans as a leading university hospital and a part of King’s Health Partners. Members are at the heart of improving patient experience at King’s. Members currently take part in our listening events, complete surveys and join service user groups."

oh well, maybe a whole lot of nothing :D

doctor is starting at the new hospital nearby TOMORROW. we worked towards this all along...  i really hope it will be better than the first. they have a major trauma center and its more central and has a good rep...   and at least the commute will be easy! cant wait! i got him a travel mug with custom print as a gift, to celebrate. it has the symbol of medicine and "dr first name" - i know his colleagues had issues remembering his name so maybe it'll help with that.

last friday we celebrated another 'monthly anniversary'. went to the royal hospital museum, then argentinian restaurant for dinner :)

 Argentinian restaurant Moo Cantina;
free range steak!! its been fuckin forever since i had a steak.

on sunday i went out to Regents Park for a picnic with some finnish women, also very nice.

 ordered this dress from eBay. it looked scarily tent-ish on the hanger, better when i wore it.

Brixton stuff...  this shop with its graffiti is almost opposite to the following cool building that has the bell tower; 


and thats a cat near our flat, chilling on a mattress someone's thrown out. 

my healthy-ish lunch? potatoes with herbs, various grains (was a frozen mix) and Linda Mc Cartney's meatless sausages.  
 something from amazon. im crazy about rhubarb & ginger candles lately.

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