August 08, 2017


i read Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world now. i have certainly helped with that, i am an avid customer.

brunch at Aquum on sunday. they have board games, funny hats and the place has a bit of a disco feel. i lost the jenga. 

when we left Edinburgh, our train was delayed, and before there was an update if the train would ever be leaving, they announced we could take another Virgin train (east coast instead of west coast). so, in the end we left 30min late and arrived 30min earlier, cos east coast route is faster. i would say the situation was pretty well managed. the next day i got an email that due to a late service, we are due compensation. a few days later i checked our bank account and indeed, Virgin Trains had returned us 90£, which was the total of our inbound ticket price, i can only assume the train was delayed indefinitely or something...  but damn, i am thinking there are some pretty strict laws regarding reimbursing delays and cancellations since it happened automatically. very nice.

about a week after doctor got his residence card, he received a letter saying there had been a printing error, and that he should return the card and they would quickly print and dispatch a new one. the error was in the title of the card; residence permit", rather than "residence card". i remember thinking about it for about half a second and then accepting the might use the word permit loosely, although what he was applying for was specifically a residence CARD and usually brits are anal about their titles and wording. aaaaanyway after waiting for the bloody card for 6months it was hard to let go of it right away but he did, and today, a week later, a new card arrived. seems to be in order. a few were horrified of the mistake and how messed Home Office must be to make such a mistake but really...  in Turkey these things happened to every second applicant. mine had a typo too. and its not like they approached me pro-actively and made the fix easy, oh no, i had to work and fight for it. as did many others. human mistakes hape, and as much as i am not a huge fan of Home Office overall, i think they handled this in the best way possible, addressing all the issues in the letter (like, if u were gonna travel the next day, before u could get the new card, etc).

so overall lately, fuck ups have been managed quite well by the brits.

ive also recently talked to people who are quite distraught over the current immigration policies, needing a visa and whatnot. or the lack of visa keeping people apart. us, western people who are used to being able to do whatever we want, go wherever we want. it reminds me how much turkey taught me and how much easier all this, relocation, home office, brexit and all, has been just because i experienced turkey.

Guardian posted an interested POV video about a refugee's way to europe.

another Guardian video about a disable MMA fighter.

Fact of the day: 26% of NHS doctors are non-british. and the remaining 74% british includes  many who have acquired nationality, obv. Guardian's article on subject, NHS relying on foreigners. the facebook group i started for turkish doctors coming to UK is going well, 130+ members. but the article and related stuff that i read really inspired me, i think my goal is to double the number of turkish doctors in UK asap. there are currently just under or around 100 based on the statistics i dug up. 

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